Made By Mrs M

100 Days of Yellow Stuff

Kate Marsden

Last year I took part in the 100 Day project and designed 100 patterns... It was rather tiring, and to be honest, quite a few of the patterns were mediocre at best! I was tempted not to join in this year but I am a fan of a daily challenge, so this time I've set myself the task of posting a photo of yellow things every day, so #100daysofyellowstuff. Here are the first 12...

I've had a really good response so far - it seems that I'm not the only one who's a big fan of the colour! Mr M thinks I'll struggle to find 100 yellow things to photograph but let's see.

My aim for the challenge is to look at things around my home in a different way, and also to bring some cheer to my followers' instagram feeds each day. You can follow along here - the best way to see the whole gallery as it grows is using the hashtag #100daysofyellowstuff. If you search #the100dayproject you can see what other people are getting up to as well, from daily makes and paintings to writing and more besides.