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Just A Card

Art, Business, ShoppingKate Marsden

I'm sure that many of you will have heard of the Just A Card campaign, which was set up about 18 months about by artist Sarah Hamilton. The Design Trust and Mollie Makes Magazine went on to support it and it gained lots of interest, but I'm excited to say that I've joined a newly formed team which is aiming to grow the campaign and bring it to a much wider audience.

For those of you unfamiliar with the campaign (and those who haven't clicked on the little button which has been in my sidebar for the last 18 months!), Just A Card aims to encourage people to buy from designer makers and independent shops and galleries - not just the purchase of a greetings card, but any small item. It's the little sales that add up and keep us all in business, and help high streets to thrive! Here's a little more about the campaign...

We've already set up a new Instagram account to go with the existing Twitter one - please do show your support by heading over and following both of them. Once you have please share and retweet when you see us pop up in your feed!

There's lots more to come though, so watch this space! In the meantime, designer makers and shops and galleries can support the campaign (and help yourselves too) by downloading the poster and/or flyer here and displaying it in your shop or on your stall. You can also download the badge for your blog or website here.

And when you're shopping, remember that even the tiniest purchases add up - they don't look mean (as some think they do) independent business really appreciate every penny spent with them!