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Caboodle Magazine

Business, Review, ShoppingKate Marsden

I let out a little "squeee" when the postman arrived a couple of weeks ago with the new issue of Caboodle Magazine...

It really is a thing of beauty (oh and yes, it arrived on the day the little man received his coordinating letter from the Queen so much excitement all round!).

Caboodle is a fab, independently published, bi-annual magazine and this is issue 3. It's packed with fashion, crafts, homes, beauty, travel and lots more and is quite a sight to behold. Colourful and fun, beautifully set out and the all important lovely smell!

The magazine is right up my street so when they contacted me to see if I'd like to place an advert, I didn't have to think about it for long. The advertisers in the magazine are, for the most part, small independent businesses themselves so I'm in very good company. Here's a little shot of my page...

And yes, if you look closely enough you'll see there's a little discount code... *shhh!*. Best to go out and buy a copy though to have a proper look. The magazine is available to order direct and they also have lots of lovely stockists - you can find out where to buy it here.