Made By Mrs M

March Meet the Maker - Part 3

Kate Marsden

And finally, days 21-31 of March Meet the Maker! I had fun doing this - you can catch up with days 1-10 here and days 11-20 here.

Day 21 of #marchmeetthemaker is work clothes. Now I'm terrible for wearing my best dress to paint (or a 1950's frock to do the gardening!) so I don't have "work clothes" as such. This little number is probably the closest I've got - made to wear at markets and in one of my fabrics. I've discontinued this design now though so probably time for a new one?

Day 22 is bestseller. It's a close run thing between fat quarters of my fabrics and the travelcard wallets but the wallets just about do it.

It was one of those days about 18 months ago where I was wracking my brains for a new product idea while sitting on the train playing with my ancient, broken old Oyster card holder, and I had a bit of a brainwave! Took a little perfecting but they were popular as soon as they launched and are probably the only thing that sells at any event (with the exception of those where I only sell fabric!). Now available in all of my current designs. They last really well and I love seeing them out in the wild (oh and I use 2 of them myself all the time...).

Day 23 is studio playlist. Here's what I'm listening to the most at the moment. Clockwise from top left - Lucius, Royal Blood, Spector, Wolf Alice, The Wonder Stuff (my favourite band as a teenager - went to see them last month!), Florence and the Machine, The Pixies, The Libertines and (centre) The Courteeners. I love music and going to gigs and festivals (I've seen all of these bands above at least once) - even if I am usually one of the oldest in the room!

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with milestone watching, but today's #marchmeetthemaker is milestone, so here we go. I track my followers on social media (always get excited to go over another 1,000 on Twitter but boy does it take a long time to get there), plus sales, press and pretty much everything else. Sometimes these stats cheer me and motivate me to work harder, other times (at the moment for instance) they make me feel like I'm just peddling backwards. Ho hum. Anyway, I have this nice little postcard from Pete Mosley to look at when I'm struggling!

Today's #marchmeetthemaker is packaging. I've mentioned before that I like a bit of tissue paper - colours and designs vary depending on my mood and the time of year - at the moment I have a selection of brights and pastels. Orders also come with one of my lovely little Moo cards, logo stickers and a thank you note. I've had lots of nice feedback about my packaging - I like it to feel as though you're receiving a present!

Day 26 of #marchmeetthemaker is colour and texture. Well, there's no denying I'm a fan of bright colour (I think I've actually toned it down a bit this season with the pastel pink!). Texture-wise there's not a huge amount going on at the moment - although my fabrics do have a slightly textured surface, which I love.

Day 27 of #marchmeetthemaker is routine - mine does tend to vary but it regularly includes coffee, school run, admin and a little studio time...

Day 28 of #marchmeetthemaker is organised. I went through a phase, after the little man came along, of telling everyone how I used to be organised! His presence has definitely made me less so, but my inbuilt desire to plan ahead and be on top of everything is still very much there - just not quite as efficient as in the past! Here's a bit of order sorting and my planner, which I use as I used to use my Outlook diary when I was in the day job (and this is superior). I have an electronic filing system for everything plus paper filing of orders and receipts - just in case!

Today's #marchmeetthemaker is in action - as I've yet to master the making of videos (I am planning to at some point this year!), you'll have to make do with a still shot of me stuffing a mini cushion made from my London Town fabric for a blog post!

The penultimate #marchmeetthemaker is books or blogs. Hmmm, both? So here's a picture of some magazines! I read blogs all the time but do tend to dip in and our - I also rely on people tweeting and sharing their latest posts on Instagram so I can just take 5 minutes out at a time for a read. I absolutely love books and was a proper book worm when I was younger, but since the little man came along I really don't seem to have the time to get into a novel, so the magazine addiction provides most of my reading material at the moment! Here are some of my favourite, top to bottom - Selvedge, Betty, Mollie Makes, Uppercase, Caboodle and The Simple Things.

It's the last day of #marchmeetthemaker and I'm sad to see it go! The final prompt is customers - otherwise known as those without whom... So a big thank you to anyone who has ever bought even the tiniest little bit of Made By Mrs M, and to those of you who've supported me by sharing on social media and generally being fab!