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The Magic of Silver Clay

Craft, Review, WorkshopsKate Marsden

Last Saturday I dragged Mr M and the little man all the way up to Cambridgeshire so I could attend a silver clay workshop with the lovely Emma Mitchell (who you'll probably know from Twitter and/or Instagram). Emma makes beautiful, delicate silver jewellery using this rather magical method and that, along with the promise of cake, caused much excitement around these parts!

There were just four of us attending the workshop, which was really nice as Emma was able to spend plenty of time with each of us. As well as making things we drank lots of tea and chatted (oh and the rhubarb cake was so so good - I don't cook, and it was apparently a bit of a faff, but I'm really tempted to give it a go).

Silver clay is made from the recycled silver from old circuit boards and the whole process is like some kind of witchcraft - to begin with it's a bit like white tac and you end up with a piece of proper, solid, silver jewellery. We may have all been a little over excited by it at times!

Anyway, here's what I made... (look away now Mum as there's a picture of your birthday present!)



The main necklace is for me - molded from the cone you can see at the top of the picture, the smaller, more delicate one on the right is Mum's birthday present - this one was made using a cutting from their garden (the cone came from there as well - the little man and I picked them up on a mini nature walk at half term). 

It was great that after just 4 hours, we were all able to come away with finished items - once we got going it was a pretty quick process. I'd really like to have another go at some point - I have some rusty old nails and screws which could look good!

So I came away having eaten too much cake, with some lovely makes and in a much much better mood than I'd been in for weeks. Highly recommended if you can get a place on one of Emma's workshops. She runs them from her home in Cambridgeshire but also takes her silver clay out on the road so she might be somewhere near you at some point. You can find dates and more info on her website.