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Fabric Reconstruction

Sketchbook, Sewing, Pattern Design, Dressmaking, TextilesKate Marsden

You may recall that I recently rediscovered my college sketchbooks (see my earlier post here). I've been going through them in more detail and thought I'd share some more of the projects with you. Today I'm sharing one of my second year projects, Fabric Reconstruction. This one didn't have a sketchbook as such - I made a box...

Which is rather nice, as 20 years later I'm able to just pull everything out properly and look at it. The brief was to "produce a garment determined by fabric, surface, structure and pattern". We had to explore pattern and texture through photographic references and paper/surface manipulation - you can see from the image above that I had a lot of fun with that! We were to "experiment with scale, media and markmaking with consideration to surface pattern and texture".

We then went on to design wraps to be worn over silk lingerie we'd designed in a previous project. Here's me modelling the final item (you can see more images of it in my earlier post here).

I'm not sure how happy I am with this now as I think I went for an easier option. From the samples in the box I love the piece just right of the centre in the image above - it was photocopied photographs stitched onto muslin - I can't recall why I didn't just go with that, but it's possible my tutor wasn't keen on it. It certainly wouldn't have been very practical and she was very keen on practicality!

I remember having lots of fun with this project though and it being the first one that really got me interested in pattern.

I'll continue to work my way through the sketchbook pile and will share more with you another time.