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10 Minute Mini Cushion Tutorial

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I'm going for a sort of a record here (for me anyway) and the quickest and easiest tutorial yet. This one came about the other day when I had an offcut of my new London Town fabric and couldn't decide what to do with it - too small/the wrong dimensions for any of my products but too big to just leave...

So I decided that a girl can't have too many cushions! If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I'm planning a sofa revamp. We currently have a heap of old cushions, of varying shapes and sizes, which have seen better days. I like the idea of a sofa full of them to snuggle up in (and for the little man to build a nest with or whatever) so decided I can't have too many!

The offcut measured 50cm high by 37cm wide (the pattern is directional so it needed to be this way around). To make the cushion, I used the whole of this piece, sewing machine, needle and white thread, soft toy stuffing, scissors, pins and the iron.

It literally took 10 minutes...

Press your piece of fabric, then measure the centre point and cut the piece in half width ways.

Place the pieces right side together (ensuring the directional pattern is facing the same way on both pieces) and pin all around three sides and half the way along the bottom edge (ensuring you'll be stitching around the corners so they're neat).

On to the machine, stitch right around the cushion, leaving the gap on the bottom edge, with a 1.5cm seam allowance. Backstitching at the start and finish.

Trim off the corners. then turn the right way out.

Use a crochet hook or something similar to push into the corners and make them nice and sharp. Then press.

When pressing the bottom (open) edge, press this in by the amount of the seam allowance (1.5cm) as seen above.

Then stuff your cushion with the soft toy filing, ensuring you get it right into the corners. You may need more than you think!

Pin the opening closed...

And then hand stitch.

One finished cushion!

I like the idea of a whole heap of these little ones mixed in with the other cushions. They'd look cute with a cat on or small child (but sadly my cats prefer to curl up on sheets of newspaper which is somewhat less photogenic, and my child just likes to throw cushions around the room!). Tempted to make another each time I'm left with an offcut of this size though!

You can get my new London Town fabric in the shop. It's available in pink and yellow.