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Some smaller exhibitions at Tate Britain...

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When I visited Tate Britain a few weeks ago (see my post about the Frank Auerbach exhibition here), my main reason was to see a much smaller, one room exhibition, Vanilla and Concrete...

Rallou Panagiotou  My Toe  2010, © Rallou Panagiotou

Rallou Panagiotou My Toe 2010, © Rallou Panagiotou

Obviously the word concrete in the title inspired me (although there was only one piece made from it on display!) but on entering the room I was rather taken by the colour and overall look and feel of the work - I could've stayed in there for ages!

The exhibition features the work of 3 contemporary artists (the same age as me or younger - nothing like that to make you feel inadequate!). Rallou Panagiotou (whose work is shown above) takes inspiration from make-up, jewellery and all sorts of non-essential, day to day items. I loved the unexpected use of materials such as marble for a toe.

Mary Ramsden's paintings were just beautiful and in a stunning colour pallet, and Marie Lund's work is inspired by the human impact on common spaces - reusing found objects such as old curtains and creating concrete rucksacks (which need to be seen - I thought they were great!).

At the same time, I visited a further one room exhibition (which the galley doesn't have any press images for unfortunately) of work by artist Anwar Jalal Shemza. Living and working in the UK, he took inspiration from Islamic art and produced the most wonderful modern patterns and sculpture - this was one of my favorites. Well worth popping in to see if you're at the gallery.

BP Spotlight: Anwar Shemza is at Tate Britain until Autumn 2016

Vanilla and Concrete is also at Tate Britain until 19 June 2016