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Remembering Birthdays...

Gift List, Paper, Products, Review, ShoppingKate Marsden

Now you know how I like to support other designer/makers, am always sharing #justacard tweets etc etc? Well, I do always try my best. Whether buying for myself or presents for others, where possible I like to buy from people I know/have met in person or at least "know" on the internet, and support small businesses.

I do struggle with cards and wrap though. Not that there aren't lots to choose from, and I have particular favourites I regularly buy from, but I have to be organised. Too often I have a lovely present but have forgotten to buy a card so the recipient ends up with one from Sainsbury's... So, when I read about Noisemakers Club it struck a chord with me.

Noisemakers is a monthly subscription box with a difference - not full of treats for me as such (although it was still lovely to open!) but stuff to stash away for all those occasions when you've forgotten or just been plain disorganised. The first box (shown here) came with three gorgeous greetings cards, some lovely thick wrapping paper, a tag and stickers.

I think I've already decided who these will be for...

So each month you get a carefully selected little box of treats like this from independent designers and illustrators and need never be without that last minute card again. On the website they also have a birthday calendar where you can pop in all of your dates and get a reminder once a month, which could be rather handy.

So for once, I think i might actually subscribe to something!