Made By Mrs M

The things you find in the shed...

Kate Marsden

I went to see my parents last week and was finally persuaded to sort through a whole heap of my old stuff they'd been holding onto for years (and wanted to see the back of!). This included lots and lots of children's books which now belong to the little man, and.... my sketchbooks!

Well, most of them at least. My final collection one (which I think was the best of the bunch but it's been so long now) did go missing as I'd thought but it was nice to find this little lot (and as many again which are out of shot). I'll go through them properly and share in another post or two.

I also came across a book full of photos from college - I clearly wasn't as disorganised as I thought - I'd stuck them all in nicely and everything and the condition of them isn't too bad. Here are a few...

The other two models in my final collection - there's only one picture of me in it and it's even more blurred than this one. Booo.

Me pulling some poses in my Jackie O inspired suit! Get the pout on it (and a lovely setting too!).

And finally, some moody shots of me (in a slightly better setting!) modelling a surface manipulation piece (these photos were taken by my friend Chris and I'd forgotten good they are, although they have deteriorated a little with time).

Watch this space for more blasts from the past as I trawl my way properly through the sketchbooks!

You can read my post about my final collection here.