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A Trapeze (or a Mumu?!)

Dressmaking, Sewing, TextilesKate Marsden

Several months (OK probably more like a year) ago I bought the Merchant & Mills Trapeze dress pattern. I thought it looked lovely and I'd spotted a similar little girl's dress on their stand at the Knitting & Stitching Show and decided I must have a grown up sized version!

Mr M saw the pattern and immediately announced it was a mumu and that I'd look dreadful in it but I took no notice. It did however take me many many months to get around to buying some fabric...

When we visited New England back in October I took a list of patterns and fabric requirements with me (I'm now carrying this all the time so I no longer have an excuse). I bought this lovely, heavy Robert Kaufman fabric in Gather Here in Cambridge, MA (and amazing shop which deserves it's own post!)

I set myself the challenge of making the dress before my next trip stateside (less than 3 weeks later - this is a short deadline for me - especially when I have lots of work on!) and I managed to complete it in the morning on the day we flew out! I then persuaded Mr M to photograph me in it in our New York hotel room...

I chose to belt it as this is what it looks like without...

Super comfy but yes, Mr M is right, I look as though I've put on several stone. So I added my Gira e Rigira belt and voila!

It was pretty quick and easy to make, although I found the facing to be a bit of a pig - probably made worse by the fact that I'd chosen such a thick and heavy fabric. I'm planning to make it again though - may have a go at binding the edges next time or doing a full lining. Watch this space (in a year or so!!).