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A New Toy and A New Design

Architecture, Pattern Design, Review, TravelKate Marsden

I have a new toy for Christmas (and yes, I have it early because I bought it myself) - a light box. Now I've been after one for a while but for some reason I expected them to be really expensive - this is the one I went for after several people recommended it. It arrived at the beginning of the month and I got to work with it as soon as I had an opportunity.

The Chrysler Building drawing - which I produced a couple of months ago and is available as a print here - was always intended as the first image for a new pattern and that's what I started work on. The light box is simple to use (so simple it came without instructions!) and does exactly what I'd hoped. It'd been an age since I'd last used one so I forgot about the blinding light induced headache (don't work on it for hours in one go Kate...) but other than the fact that it'd warmed up a little by the time I'd finished it was good and I'm glad I went for that one.

So you want to see the rest of the images, yes?

Well, I haven't been featuring enough street furniture in my designs recently... This one way sign just screamed at me as I walked past it (helped by the fact that it was in front of a yellow building and a blue sky....

I also added the Flatiron and the Lincoln Center...

Now this is a first draft, which needs colouring, but I thought I'd share as I've had so many people asking about it! Just a flavour of what you can expect in my Spring 2017 collection!

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