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Gift Ideas...

Gift List, Products, ShoppingKate Marsden

It's all coming around too soon! At the time of writing I've neither started any festive makes nor started my Christmas shopping! If this is you too, fear not, there are lots of ideas in the shop...

1. London Town Dotty Notebook - £2.60 (notebooks are also available in sets of 4 for £8.50)

2. London Town Dotty Travelcard Wallet - £10

3. Print your own calendar! This is perfect if you've left things to the last minute! Available from my Etsy shop only - £4.32

4. Four Windows Travelcard Wallet - £10

5. Suburban Streets Travelcard Wallet - £10

6. Croydon Saffron Print - £18

7. Croydon Notebook - £2.60

8. Sheffield Steel City Travelcard Wallet - £10

9. Four Windows Cushion - £43 (I have a few cushions in stock - otherwise please check my last postage dates for custom orders)

10. National Theatre Brooch - £5.

And if you've left your card shopping a little late you can also download my Croydon Christmas Cards set to print yourself at home! Available on Etsy only - £4.08.