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Now I'm not exactly known as an early adopter.... I tend to wait to see how other people get on with something new before I give it a try. I'd already decided that I'm far too long in the tooth for Snapchat (I know many of you will disagree with this but hey...) but when Instagram launched Stories I thought this might be the one for me as I'm already on and familiar with it...

I set myself the challenge of popping a video on there, but didn't know what to do a video about. I hate being filmed (photos are generally OK but filming is a no no - especially if I'm taking too!), so I procrastinated a bit then decided not to bother. 

Then on the photowalk at the beginning of the month the lovely Laura (check out her Instagram here) gave me a little Stories crash course (including the revelation that I don't have to post video - shock!) and I decided to give it a go there and then. The prefect opportunity as I'd been taking a whole heap of photos but didn't want to fill my Instagram feed with them all.

Laura suggested that I might want to show work in progress and the like too so since then I've shown my drawing process for my Arts Tower print and then (the most viewed so far) the making of a custom brooch order...

This one was the perfect use of Stories for me as the images weren't what I would consider to be good enough for my Instagram feed but it's the sort of thing people like to see. Thinking I might do more of this like a day in the life. The only problem is that the Stories only hang around for a few hours (although some people would say that's a good thing. You can see the whole of my brooch making story below.

So far I've just been looking at some of the stories from people I already follow on Instagram - if you're using it do let me know and I can check yours out - also if you have any recommendations for accounts you think I'll like and that will inspire me to do more please say!

In the meantime I'll leave you with the Fairfield Halls brooches (as I mentioned a custom order so please don't get too excited! You can get prints here or National Theatre brooches here!) and I'll start planning some more little posts of my own...