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Fabric Printing Fun...

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Another book I bought at Blogtacular to share with you today (yes the book stall was tempting and this is another I had signed). You may know Zeena Shah from the telly (she's worked with Kirstie Allsopp a few times). If you'd like to know a little more about Zeena you can read my interview with her over on the Just A Card blog.

Now onto the book....

The book is filled with Zeena's signature style and teaches a wide range of different printing techniques - everything from fruit and veg, elastic bands, painting and screen printing is featured (even screen printing using embroidery hoops which may look familiar from my blog - she didn't use old tights though!).

It's a really good introduction for beginners as it takes you though the basics of pattern design, mark making and printing - it would be a good workbook to go through from start to finish, trying out each of the printing methods.

One of my favourite projects has to be this lampshade, but there are so many others I love - I just need some of that illusive time and I can have a play!

How to Print Fabric by Zeena Shah is published by David and Charles.