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Keeping it Colourful in the Autumn

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Now when I was complaining a couple of weeks ago about having bloggers block, one suggestion came up twice - a surprising one at that - a fashion post. OK, I studied fashion but it was a long time ago and I don't profess to be an expert - I usually just chuck a few things on and run out of the house... 

Apparently some people are interested in the things I choose to wear though, so here goes! An array of yellow and pink - a love for handmade but also a terrible (very long standing) addiction to Boden. Here's my mood board - details below.

1. My new winter coat. It might not be warm enough in winter itself but we'll see. It's lovely now and is this one from Boden.

2. These trainers are very similar to mine (which are predominantly grey with bright orange laces and bits down the side - last season though). I really don't get on with heels. I'm also a Clarks addict - here's these lovely orange ones.

3. Anyone who knows me will be fully aware of my I Am Acrylic problem... Here's just one brooch from my collection, featuring my fave Battersea Power Station.

4. Me on the Blogtacular photowalk. Wearing the dress at number 6 below, a brooch from And Smile (she doesn't make them anymore!) and my yellow Boden rain mac (2 years old).

5. Me in a laundrette in West London. I'm also a fan of the 1950s style dresses from Lindy Bop.

6. I have several things from the lovely Germana of Gira e Rigira - I just need the pound to strengthen a bit before I buy more! This is the pink dress I live in.

7. These Donna Wilson mittens are on my wish list - I need cheap gloves though really as I always loose them...

8. I have a beautiful Donna Wilson scarf which my friend bought me for Christmas last year (so it's last season's and no longer available). This is the one I'd choose if I were to get a new scarf now.

9. The bag. People may be aware of some issues I've had with this here bag, but I still love it. A classic Stem design bag from Orla Kiely,

10. Winter wardrobe. The red coat was bought at a Hobbs outlet shop about 3 years ago and it's warm, and lovely. The skirt was made by me using Lotta Jansdotter fabric and a pattern from the Tilly & The Buttons Book, the shoes are these ones from Clarks and the tights were from H&M (a couple of years ago).

11. Another (more recent) purchase from Gira e Rigira - It's pretty short so I've been wearing this crop top over a black dress. I'm way too old for a bare midriff (and it's too cold now anyway!).

12. No clothes roundup would be complete without a yellow cardigan! I have 5. I don't have this one though and I'm eyeing it up - another from Boden.


I've realised as I'm putting this together that there are nowhere near enough items I've made myself! I do have a very long list (and pile of patterns) though so maybe it should be fabric I shop for next...