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Day in the Life - Gem Davis

Day in the LifeKate Marsden

It's Day in the Life time again! This week we have graphic designer and knitter Gem Davis - over to Gem for a typical day in her life...

Hello! I’m Gem, a freelance graphic designer with a passion for knitting. I have just started down the path of selling things that I make, and have released my first knitting pattern, Spring Lace, (very exciting) with another soon to follow. I also blog over at Threads, where you can see behind the scenes of my life, with the odd bit of illustration thrown in.  

Today I am working on my new business at home, from my little flat in Brixton. I check social media over a breakfast of porridge and berries– Instagram is great first thing whilst I’m still waking up. This also means I can confine my social media time as we all know how addictive it can be!

After breakfast I sit down with a coffee and check over my plan for that day – or week, if it’s Monday. I keep my schedule in a diary from, it’s full of French and Japanese writing that I don’t understand, but is so nicely designed. I also use the Swipes app on my phone, a simple to-do list that makes it even more pleasant to finish your tasks with delightful sounds and clever design.

This is also a good time to sketch out any ideas I’ve had overnight or in the shower, which happens a lot!

I am much more of a morning person so I usually plan to do things that require more thought or energy first thing. This morning it’s writing this post, which I prefer to hand write at first, then edit as I type it up. Although sometimes I’ll have an idea on the spot and start writing it on my phone straight away!

Other things I might do are take photos to make the most of the morning light, design the layout for a knitting pattern, sketch and create designs or work on the knitting machine.

One of the best things about designing something new is choosing the yarn and colour combinations. I’ve developed quite a stash which is hidden all over the flat, though most of it is in this box.

When designing I make a swatch of the main pattern that I’d like to use, to see how it looks and whether it works with my choice of yarn. This is where my growing collection of books comes in handy for inspiration.

Time for some lunch! Now, I love eggs so I will usually incorporate them somehow. I often have scrambled egg on toast or boiled egg and soldiers, but I’ve recently discovered Anna Jones, who has some incredibly tasty recipes. I try to take a bit of time to do something completely different at lunch to give me a break, whether that’s as lazy as just watching TV (I’m a big fan of Time Team…) or reading, or some selfish knitting.

In the afternoon I’ll do something more leisurely like researching for inspiration – Easter is on my agenda at the moment.

I might also write out a knitting pattern if I’ve been designing in the morning, or edit photos.

If I’m feeling a bit restless, which is quite common when working on your own, then I’ll go for a walk. I’m very lucky to have a lovely park nearby which has a wonderful view of London and is full of friendly dogs who like a cuddle.

When I get back I’ll stick a film on that isn’t too distracting whilst doing some illustration work. Hopefully by this time I’ll have ticked off most of my to-do list!

So that’s the end of my working day, after this it’ll be some tasty dinner or off to meet some friends for the evening. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading!

You can find Gem on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Also check out her blog and download her new knitting pattern (shown below) from her Etsy shop.