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A Daily Sketchbook

Architecture, Drawing, SketchbookKate Marsden

Those of you who have been with me here for a while may recall that I used to be quite good at keeping a sketchbook and sharing it's contents here with you. Well, I fell (completely) off that wagon at least a year ago and despite a couple of fairly pathetic attempts I've failed to get back on it.

But I have a plan...

The lovely Mirta of Modern Botanics (check out her Instagram feed here - it's amazing) has started a new hashtag #dailysketchbookgroup and I decided last week that I'd join in. It did take me a few days though as I decided I needed a lovely new spiral bound book (of course!). The image above is of my first page from last Sunday - I had to start with Park Hill.

Day 2 was Park Hill again (but the refurbished part this time) and day 3 was a sketch of the National Theatre from these wonderful stamps...

I think one of the reasons for my failure to keep up with my sketchbooks previously was my desire to make each page different and to try out new techniques and ideas all the time. I've decided not to aim for that this time (although it might happen - let's see!). I'm starting off with safe subjects in my usual style with my usual media and I'll take it from there. I went for the spiral bound book so I'll have lots of space to stick stuff in - it won't just be drawings.

Anyway the purpose of this post is partly to hold myself accountable to you all for sticking with this! I'm planning regular sketchbook highlights posts too so watch this space!