Made By Mrs M



So, what is procraftination? Yep, the crafting you do when you're putting off doing the real work. This one all started last week when I spent a rainy (surprise surprise) afternoon at the kitchen table with the little man and made these fab paper gems from the free kit with this months' Mollie Makes magazine...

Not content with that, rather than working on my shiny new website (which I'm desperate to get up and running and for which I have a deadline, but hey) I decided to style the paper gems all over the house and make little arrangements from them...

Yes - that is with washi tape AND buttons. I had copy to write you see, and lots of items to list on my new shop (yes, the new website has a shop - hooray!!!).

What I have discovered is that I like making pretty things and then taking (masses) of photos of them when I'm bored, avoiding something, or stressed. Fine when bored or stressed but that website just won't make itself, will it?

Anyway, I'm nearly there with the website (as I'm scheduling this in advance, you never know, you might be looking at it now - hope you like it!) and I am genuinely excited about it. That whole thing where my old one looked fine, but all of a sudden it looks rubbish, has happened again and I think that's always a good sign!!

*new term coined by Helen Hogdson - thanks Helen!**

** Although Helen now tells me that she didn't come up with this name - but she's not sure who did. Very apt for the circumstances though, I'm sure you'll agree!

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