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The Uppercase Compendium

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Much excitement occurred around these parts just before Christmas, when my copy of the Uppercase Compendium of Craft & Creativity turned up (all the way from Canada). You can see why....

Not only is is beautiful, but it smells amazing too (readers of Uppercase Magazine will be delighted to hear that it smells the same!). That was only part of the excitement though, as I'm in it!

Back in the spring of last year I applied for a free place in the book - they only had a few. I wasn't in a position to hand over any money to be included, but I was familiar with the magazine, and thought my work would fit in nicely with it's aesthetic, and with this book. I applied, crossed my fingers, tried to forget all about it (as I was sure I wouldn't be selected) and waited until the summer.

I nearly exploded (but thankfully didn't as that would've made a nasty mess) when I received an email from Janine Vangool, the editor/creator of Uppercase Magazine, letting me know I'd got in! Then began the real wait while she spent months pouring over all of the content and producing this wonderful book.

The Compendium showcases 66 makers over a whopping 384 pages - most of us have 3 double page spreads like mine shown here. I actually plan to read the whole thing (although it'll take me a while!) as it contains so many inspiring stories and beautiful images from around the world (oh and of course I'll take any opportunity to bury my nose in it's pages!!).

My pages share my designs, and images from this blog along with more about my background and how I ended up doing this - I love the way Janine has put it together - it reads so beautifully and makes me sound rather good!

You can get hold of a copy of the Compendium here and I think there are plans for some European stockists (presumably some of the same places which stock the magazine, but you'll need to check with them). I'm obviously massively biased but I think everyone needs a copy of this book on their shelves!

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