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SBS and fabric graphic
SBS and fabric graphic

A month ago (yes, I know, I'm a bit slow but I've been on holiday etc... excuses, excuses) I was lucky enough to be selected by Theo Paphitis (of Dragon's Den fame - if you don't know who he is take a look here) as a winner of his Small Business Sunday (or #SBS) initiative.

Every Sunday night Theo encourages small business owners to tweet him using the #SBS hashtag and he selects his favourite 6 which he retweeets - and you're then "in the club". Apparently he (I assume his team!) receives up to 16,000 tweets each Sunday so being selected is no mean feat.

After he retweeted mine (he does this on the Monday evening) I received so many notifications I couldn't keep up with them. Lots of new followers and congratulations, plus a couple of new and potentially interesting contacts have since emerged as a result. I also have a rather nice profile on the #SBS site and an extremely handy credit to spend on stationery for my business at Ryman (where Theo is Chairman).

If you have a small business and fancy your chances, here's what you should do...

Send a tweet to @TheoPaphitis about your business on Sunday between 5pm and 7.30pm and include the hashtag #SBS. The 6 chosen businesses are retweeted every Monday at 8pm and then invited to enter their profile on the #SBS website. The whole thing is sponsored by Ryman Stationery.

I'm not sure if there's any trick to being selected, but a snappily worded tweet and a great image is sure to help. Whatever you do, don't sent multiple tweets (just one per week) or ask everyone to retweet for you - it won't help - in fact it may have the opposite effect. Good luck!

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