Made By Mrs M

The Quilt on a Sunny Day...


OK, I'll admit it - this post is simply 3 photos of my work in progress on the quilt... A few weeks ago when I was up in Lincolnshire we had a lovely sunny morning, and I'd reached a stage with the piecing where I thought it would be nice to get some photos, so here they are... DSC_9408

I'm really pleased with how it's looking. At the moment I'm trying to decide whether to fill in the corners (to turn it into a rectangle) or whether to continue as I am. Decisions decisions. A seasoned quilter suggested that I may need more colour in the corners rather than leaving it plain, but I like the idea of continuing with the solid cream pieces so the eye focusses on the pattern in the centre.


I'm motoring through the 180 cream hexies I've bought so far from Simply Solids so I'll need to make a decision soon! I also need to decide whether to stick with cream for the backing or go for something a little brighter.


I'm really enjoying working on this one, even if it has taken me the best part of 7 months to get to this stage (I've been busy, what can I say...). Maybe I'll manage to finish the piecing in time for my next birthday (so can ask for some nice Liberty print for the reverse as my present!).

You can see some earlier work in progress images here and here.