Made By Mrs M

Felt Patchwork Table Mat Tutorial


The lovely Laura Howard of Bugs and Fishes had a little clear out recently and I bought a small pile of felt from her. It's very lovely and lots of nice colours but I didn't have anything in mind to make with it (I know, I know - this is the beginning of the end, they won't find me being slowly eaten by dogs, they'll find me under a heap of fabric and ribbons...). Anyway, I had a think about my current hexagon obsession and patchwork and thought I'd try and combine these with felt to make a set of table mats. This was super quick and you could easily make some coasters to go with it, if you fancy. DSC_9581

To make the table mats you will need:

A few pieces of felt in your chosen colours

Black felt for the reverse

Paper pattern pieces (I use this site to create my hexagons - it's free!) - you can make the hexagons any size you like - mine are quite large at 5cm but you could just as easily make these with more, smaller hexagons.

Needle, thread and pins

Sewing machine (optional).


Start by cutting your paper hexagon pieces as above (so 1 full hexagon, 1 half and 1 quarter). Then, to make 2 mats - cut 4 full hexagons in your main colour (I used red) and 2 in your second colour (lilac), 8 half hexagons in your third colour (beige) and 8 quarter hexagons in your second colour (lilac).


Lay them all out to check the positioning, and measure the full layout before cutting 2 rectangles from your black felt to match (for the backing) - set these to one side.


Then simply start stitching the pieces together. I started with the 3 hexagons then filled in with the half hexagons before finishing with the quarter pieces.






Smooth the completed piece out and then pin to the black backing felt (I just held it in place with 2 pins to stop it moving).



Then stitch all around on the machine (or by hand) with a 0.5cm allowance.



And you've finished!


I definitely think they would benefit from a set of matching coasters, or perhaps some larger mats for the centre of the table (or you could make a set of 6 or 8 rather than the 2 I made). You could also be more adventurous with the colours if you like or go monochrome!



Now to think of some more ideas for the rest of my felt stash...