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10 things...


I love reading those posts where people share the tools/general day to day bits which that can't manage without (I'm nosey - oh and sometimes there's something really good which I suspect I need too...). So here are 10 things I use a lot, if not every day, to help me with my work. DSC_9560

1. Moleskin notebook - this is a large one in a lovely bright lilac.

2. Paint Pallet - my pallet from college. If it isn't broken, don't fix it. I also love the way it looks with 20 years of paint encrusted on it. (It's a bit like this one but actually from Daler Rowney.)

3. Quick unpick - again 20 years old. It goes without saying that if you sew, you need one of these (unless you're perfect of course).

4. My beloved Oxo tin/pin box with glass headed pins. My Grandad bought this for me in a junk shop in Lewes when I was about 8 years old. It's held my pins for about 25 years. The pins themselves are fairly new though and like these (I bought mine at the Knitting & Stitching Show).

5. My iPhone - it's a 6. I use it constantly. The case features my Bankside design in the pink colour way and I bought it from Mr Nutcase. (I reviewed their cases last year - there's a discount code you can use in this post, in case you fancy trying them out).

6. Pencil case - another one I've had for an age. I bought this Emma Bernhardt case in the V&A shop (I think) on a college trip to London in probably 1995. It currently contains a range of drawing pencils, rubber and pencil sharpener.

7. Pilot V7 pen in black. Used for writing and drawing.

8. Lilac Roberts Radio - a birthday present from Mr M many moons ago (possibly before I was Mrs M, I can't quite remember).  I use it to listen to Xfm while I work. (They don't seem to do the Lilac anymore but they still have a lovely range - mine isn't digital - how old fashioned!)

9. Paint brushes - these are fairly new, bought last autumn. They're ProArte PROLENE 101 and in sizes 4, 8 and 10. I also have some rather nice larger ones which I got for Christmas.

10. Acrylic paints - I've recently been dabbling with gouache (and have fallen completely in love with it) but I always fall back on acrylics. I've tried all sorts but always tend to go back to Winsor & Newton Galeria. These Liquitex Basics ones are pretty good too though (I got a large set of them for Christmas). My most used colour is white (which probably demonstrates a fundamental flaw in my painting skills, but hey) and I have a massive pot of it in my studio.

What things can't you work without?