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The Barbican


I worked next door to the Barbican in the City of London for most of the 15 years I spent at my old job. For the last 9 of them, I could see it from my desk. Now I've long been a fan of the place, but it's taken me over a year to no longer associate it with work and to be able to fully appreciate it. A couple of weeks ago, on a very chilly, grey day, I took myself and my camera up there for a proper look around. DSC_9188

After all those years, I still managed to take a couple of wrong turns and found myself at a dead end more than once. It was really really quiet for the most part (on a Thursday lunchtime when you'd expect lots of people out on their lunch breaks) and I haven't edited any of these images to remove people.



For the uninitiated, the Barbican Centre was designed in the Brutalist style by Chamberlin, Powell and Bon and was built during the 1960's and 70's on a site which was extensively damaged by bombing in World War II. It's at the north western corner of the City of London and contains hundreds of flats (I've wanted one of these for a very long time - would've been particularly nice when working next door!), an art gallery, performing arts spaces, a cinema, restaurants and more.


It was one of my preferred places to go to for a lunchtime or after work run (back in the days when I got a decent amount of exercise) - a lot of it is also undercover so ideal for a stroll on a wet day.

Anyway, I won't harp on about how much I love the place too much! Here are just some of the 100-ish photos I took...











You can find out more about the Barbican Centre or plan a visit yourself on their website.