Made By Mrs M

Purse Tutorial


I will preface this tutorial with a note that my first attempt at making a purse with a clasp (a couple of years ago now) was a complete and utter disaster - I had issues with the glue (it was a very small and fiddly purse - excuses, excuses)... Anyway I approached this one with some trepidation, even though the clasp I found languishing in a corner of my studio (I was clearly planning to have another go at some point) was significantly larger than the last one, so supposedly easier to work with. DSC_8672

Fortunately I pulled it off this time - although the finished article isn't perfect and I could do with some practice (if I ever feel the inclination).

I chose to make my purse with my Streets in the Sky fabric on the outside and a nice bright contrasting Liberty print lining.

Here's how to make the purse - hopefully you'll find it nice and easy!

You will need:


Bag/purse clasp (mine measured 12.6cm at the widest point)

Fabric for the outside measuring approximately 29cm x 20cm (or two pieces measuring 14.5cm x 20cm)

Lining fabric (same quantity)

Iron on interfacing (again, same quantity).

Sewing machine, needle and thread.

Fabric glue (not shown).

1. Place your clasp on a piece of paper and sketch out the shape you would like your purse to be (ensure that this shape is 1cm larger all around to allow for the seam allowance). I went for a tapered purse and my pattern measured 18.2cm along the bottom edge, tapering to 14.6cm at the top. It was 12.8cm deep.


2. Cut out your pattern piece then cut two pieces from each of your outside fabric, lining fabric and interfacing. Iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of the outer fabric.


3. Pin the two outer pieces (right side together) along the bottom edge and just one pin's length up each side, then stitch.



4. Trim the corners, then repeat for the lining fabric.



5. Turn the outer fabric to the right side and press. Then place the outer fabric inside the lining (right sides together).


5. Pin these together - allowing enough space on one side to pull through.


6. Stitch the openings together then pull through the gap.


7. Then pin and hand stitch the opening closed.




8. Open the metal clasp and run a line of fabric glue into the channel. Allow this to set (as per the pack instructions) and then gently push the edges of the purse into it. You may want to use a knitting needle or crochet hook to help you to wedge it in neatly.

And it's finished!