Made By Mrs M

Adventures in Needle Felting...


Needle felting has always seemed like a type of mysterious dark art to me. How can you possibly create shapes from a lump of wool using just a needle? I'd wanted to have a go for quite a while, but hadn't found any workshops at suitable times or places, and didn't want to buy an expensive kit only to find that I just couldn't do it. DSC_9128

I was tempted to have a go though when I heard that The Works (UK based chain - sorry non-UK folks) had a selection of kits for just £3, and figured that I couldn't go far wrong at that price. So I popped into my local branch and they didn't have any. I then visited every week for several weeks and finally, there they were, and yes they really were £3!


They had four different kits in my branch - a cat, a bird, a monkey and this bracelet kit. I figured that this one was more my style and even if I didn't want bracelets I could do something with it.

Here's what the kit contained...


About 30g of wool in six different colours; a sponge; 2 felting needles; some beads and a needle and clear thread (for the bracelets - I didn't use these); along with an instruction sheet.

I thought that the instruction sheet seemed a little small but it turned out that I really is super easy!


It also turns out that the needles aren't just any needles - they have little barbs on them (which work the "magic") and are also very very sharp, as my poor fingers can testify - not a craft for younger children!

Anyhow, so you just bundle a piece of the wool up into a rough ball shape, place it on the sponge and stab away at it (quite quickly) with the needle. Keep rotating it round and after a few minutes you end up with this... Blimey.


I planned to just have a go at one before the school run but ended up doing six and no work whatsoever - it's addictive. By the following morning I'd used up all of the wool and made 21 balls of varying sizes (I could've done this sooner but Mr M was adamant I put it away for the evening at about 9pm...).


I decided to make them into a garland as I don't do bracelets all that much and I didn't think I'd wear them. I utilised some buttons from my stash and some bright pink thread and threaded them together.





And that was that. So I've now found yet another highly addictive craft which I enjoy! Keen to have a go at one of Gretel Parker's kits next - maybe the fox. Dropping hints for Mother's Day gifts!

Oh, and after all those weeks of popping into The Works to try and find a kit, it turns out that they sell them online - who've thought it?!