Made By Mrs M

Gira e Rigira la Moda


Back in November I had the pleasure of sharing my space at Renegade Craft Fair with the lovely Germana Bargoni of Gira e Rigira. I finally got around to buying a dress from her last month and I have a feeling I'll be wearing it until it disintegrates as I'm completely in love! Here's a selection from her current collection (my dress is the same as the plain blue one shown below but in a nice bright orange). quinta


Germana is based in Bologne, Italy and has a passion for what she calls "textile archeology" - hunting through abandoned warehouses, storage rooms and shops throughout Italy, Europe and the United States to find the beautiful vintage fabrics, ribbons and trims from which she makes her clothes.  Often one of a kind items, each one is handmade by Germana in her workshop.




Visit Germana's blog to see more of her collection (she is also on Facebook and Instagram). You can order from her Etsy shop (from which she ships internationally).

In case you're interested, Gira la Moda was the Italian version of the popular 80's toy the Fashion Wheel - it turns out you can still get it now!