Made By Mrs M

Paint Brush (or Knitting Needle) Roll Tutorial


Mr M bought me some lovely new long handled paint brushes for Christmas. For quite a while I'd been in need of something to transport my brushes in, but now that I had a set of larger ones this need became more pressing and I decided to make myself a case. This case will work equally well for knitting needles (I've tested it out with mine!), and rolls up nice and tightly to fit in your bag, so doesn't take up too much space. DSC_8300

You will need:

2 pieces of fabric both measuring 26cm x 59cm - I chose contrasting fabrics - a lovely orange Liberty print and a bright pink for the lining

A piece of tape measuring approximately 80cm

Sewing Machine

Needle, thread, pins.

You might want to add interfacing to your roll if you'd like it to be a little firmer - I wanted mine to be really flexible and roll up as tightly as possible so didn't add this myself. If you do want to use interfacing you'll need a piece measuring 23cm x 56cm - I always use iron on - and iron this onto the centre of the reverse of the outside piece of fabric before you start.

1. Place the pieces of fabric on top of one another (right side together) and pin, leaving a gap approximately 4cm wide. Inset the tape (cut to 60cm) approximately 18cm from the bottom edge (make sure you do this the right way - the tape should be sitting between the two pieces of fabric with a little bit sticking out (see second image below). Stitch all around leaving the gap open.



2. Tie off the ends, then trim all four corners.


3. Turn the right way around and press.


4. Place the case right side down and fold up the bottom to approximately 16cm (or just below the tape) - you may wish to place one of your brushes or needles in at this point to check that you're happy with the positioning.


Pin in place.


5. Top stitch the pocket into place on both sides, as close to the edge as possible.



6. Identify how many pockets you'd like - I went for 6 evenly spaced - you may want to go for different sizes to suit different brushes/needles. Mark the position of each with pins.



7. Then sew...


8. I then chose to add the remaining tape (approximately 19cm) for decoration. I pinned it in place and hand stitched.



9. Fold over the top of the case to approximately 5.5cm and pin in place - put a few stitches in each side at the top to hold this in position. This keeps the fold in place but enables you to lift it to get larger brushes in and out. Before stitching check that your larger brushes fit!




And it's finished! Next up will be something to carry my mass of paints around in...