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Back to Art Class...


I've now been back at my art class for a couple of weeks following the Christmas break. Our first topic this term is doubling colour (mixing relative tones - so working with two different mixes for each colour) and it's turning out to be quite fun. Here's my work in progress so far... IMG_8520

We started with a model for the first time on this course (and my first attempt since the life drawing class I took at the beginning if last year). Here's where I'd got to at the end of week 1 - not started on the skin tones yet and concerned that I'll mess it up once I get onto her face!


The image below shows an area where I've worked with two different orange mixes...


I was so concerned that I'd mess up the face that I actually did some homework (this never happens) and practiced sketching it first.


I then wanted to see how this would look with the painting so employed a little photoshop (I think this looks a bit scary!).

Doubling Colour Study photoshop

As you can see from the first image in this post, I used a black and white print out of this photoshopped image to work from when painting her face. It still needs a little more work - I'll update you in a few weeks!