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Amelia's Magazine 10th Anniversary


I really like Kickstarter. Especially when it gives me an opportunity to get my hands on something really lovely! I've never had a hard copy of Amelia's Magazine as it's been entirely online for some time, but I'm a regular reader. If you're not familiar with it, the magazine is the brainchild of Amelia Gregory and has been supporting emerging creatives since it started in 2004. At the end of last year Amelia ran a Kickstarter campaign to enable her to return to print with a special limited edition artists' book - That Which We Do Not Understand. The book is filled with artwork, short stories, flash fiction and poetry inspired by it's title.



Shortly before Christmas, my copy arrived and it really is a thing of beauty (smells gorgeous too!). The book was accompanied by a great bundle of illustrated postcards.


I was the campaign's first backer (this wasn't intentional, just spotted it and backed it straight away like the impulsive person I rarely am nowadays!) - the first 100 (I think, I haven't counted) of us also got our names printed in the book. Here I am...


I thought I'd just share a few of my favourite images. The book is now available to buy from Amelia's shop.


Black Cats by Lorna Scobie


Bizarre Creature by Laura Weston


My Heart Flowered by Rosie Emerson


Guiding the Way by Katie Edwards


The Reykjavik Troll by Laurie Ramsell (left) and Order from Chaos by Sarah Parris (Parris Wakefield) (right).