Made By Mrs M

The Tallis Collar Pattern from Gather


DSC_8158 It's so nice when you ask for something for Christmas and you get it! I met the lovely girls from Gather at Thread Festival of Textiles back in September. My Mum was helping out on my stand and I sent her up to them with a gentle mention that a pattern for Christmas might be nice. I suggested that this one would be good, as the chances were it would be quick enough to do that I might actually get around to making it at some point....

My parents visited us before Christmas and we were allowed to open one present each - this was mine! As I got it early I decided to make the collar straight away to wear on Christmas Day.


Gather are a London based independent dressmaking pattern company (so not just accessories - I have my eye on the Mortmain dress next...). Their patterns are all printed in the UK and look rather pretty, I'm sure you'll agree!

As per usual, the only days upon which I have time to make things for myself tend to be the days when I'm tired - therefore the quick unpick was used (aaargh). Not because it was complicated at all though, I just wasn't concentrating! Even allowing for my unpicking time I ran it up in less than an hour and I'm so pleased with how it looks.

Collar Montage

I used my 60's Floral fabric in green for the top and then backed it with a nice bright contrasting orange - all tied up with orange ribbon. I'm contemplating making some more with my other designs on - if I manage to get the pattern placement right I think they could look really nice (and maybe a good thing for me to wear to events and the like). The Tallis comes in two versions, the rounded one I've used here and a squared version (which looks like this).


Once again, cracking out the machine to make something for myself has made me want to make more! Maybe 2015 will finally be the year when I make my own wardrobe....

You can see Gather's patterns and kits on their website.