Made By Mrs M

Making a Felt Monster


The little man loves coming into my studio to see what I've been getting up to, and he keeps on asking me to make something for him (and the intention has always been there, just not the time!). I decided to rectify this by making him a little something for Christmas, and here it is, a felt monster (called Gerald - as named by my friend Ruth). IMG_7495

This isn't a tutorial as such (I didn't plan it to be) but I thought I'd share him anyway. Here's what I did....

I bought a pack of mixed felt and buttons from Blooming Felt - I went for this one as I wanted some nice bright colours. I then drew out a rough monster shape on paper and used this as a pattern to cut out the body (2 pieces - 1 green, 1 blue - the back is blue), mouth and teeth.




I then hand stitched the teeth onto the mouth, and the mouth onto the body.



I picked out some odd buttons for the eyes and then stitched them onto yellow felt circles which I'd attached to his face.



Finally, I cut out a piece for his hair - placed the two body pieces together and stitched around him using the sewing machine. I stuffed him with soft toy stuffing and hand finished the gap (which actually helped to define the shape of his feet - this wasn't planned!).

And here he is. I'm rather pleased. Just hoping the little man likes him!