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2014 Roundup


Happy Christmas! The time has come for my annual roundup. My blog stat tools are much better than they used to be so I now have a far more accurate idea of my most popular posts of 2014. Sit back with a mince pie and take a look at my top posts month by month..... January - Craft Fair Tips

My most popular post at the start of the year was my Craft Fair Tips post from the previous spring. The link above is to my updated one which I published in October.


February - My Name is Paul Smith

A look at the wonderful Paul Smith exhibition at the Design Museum.


March - Things Worth Celebrating

I took part in Things Worth Celebrating and #100happydays


April - The Spring Knitting & Stitching Show

My Knitting & Stitching Show posts are always popular - this is the post from my visit in March.


May - Sewing Coco

Embarrassed that this was so long ago as I still haven't got around to making another one (or making the skirt I've cut the fabric out for!).


June - Blognix!

I had a wonderful time at the Blognix conference in Birmingham.


July - Mollie Makes Summer Homestyle Competition

I didn't win, but this post got a lot of attention!


August - My Favourite Blogs

A roundup of some of my favourite reads (but I've been so busy during the autumn months that I've fallen a bit behind with them!).


September - Day in the Life - Laura Howard

My Day in the Life Series started in July - Laura's was one of the most popular.


October - Day in the Life - Sarah Hamilton

And another Day in the Life post was my most popular for October! You can see the whole series here.


November - All the Exciting News!

My news about the Royal Academy, Renegade Craft Fair and Crafty Fox Market.


December - The Sale!

Everyone likes a sale so no surprises that this was a very popular post this month (sale continues in the shop by the way.....!).

Sale Sign for Blog post

I'll be taking a little blogging break on Friday (it is Boxing Day after all so hopefully you'll have better things to do!), but I'll be back on Monday. I also have a year of tutorials to share next week so be sure to pop over for a read!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.