Made By Mrs M

Art Class continues...


..and has actually now finished for Christmas! I've had a really good term - here's my work laid out for assessment last week... IMG_7769

During the last few weeks we have been looking at metal. To be difficult I of course wanted to do rusty, textured metal rather than shiny - here's are some work in progress shots of my painting of some lovely rusty old stairs.




You can see the first stage in the third image above - this is sketched in pencil then painted with gouache. In the top two images I've added collage using newspaper, sand and netting. I'm also working on deepening the colours. You can see a couple of little practice pieces (looking at creating texture) below.


In the first session of this module I was completely stumped and ended up painting my water pot (so I did do one picture of shiny metal). I love this pot - with lots of years of paint built up around the sides (it's almost as lovely as my pallet!).


After Christmas we'll be starting a new module. I'm hoping I'll have a little more time to work on my paintings between classes this time!

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