Made By Mrs M

Christmas Tea Light Holder Tutorial


Feeling a bit bah-humbug this year if I'm honest. I went all out for Christmas on my stand, in my shop and here on the blog last year but this year I'm going a bit more minimal. Doesn't mean that I'm not looking forward to the festive season, it's especially fun with a small child. Here's a super simple tutorial for some decorated tea light holders. Cracked out the Sharpie's again and spent all of 10 minutes making these. They'd look good on the Christmas table or as part of your decorations in general (a row of them on a mantlepiece would be particularly nice).


I used two Sharpie pens in festive colours and a pair of little ceramic pots - they type that come with creme brulee's and the like in and that you can get in most supermarkets. I ran the pots though the dishwasher to check that they were completely clean before starting,


I then cracked straight on with drawing lines onto the pots. I covered about 2 thirds of the area with red stripes and the remaining third with green.



I waited a couple of minutes to make sure that they were dry then went back in to the red section to create a herringbone effect.


And that was it. Waited for them to dry then popped some tealights in!

To make the decoration permanent you can bake the pots in the oven (180 degrees for 30 minutes) - then you can wash them up! This technique works equally well on any ceramics, so you could create a full range of festive items. Enjoy!