Made By Mrs M

Woven Hoop Art Tutorial


This one is fun, and might be a good project to save for a rainy day with the kids in the summer holidays. Really easy and you can make it with anything you have to hand.

To make a little woven picture, you will need:

  • An embroidery hoop
  • Brightly coloured yarn 
  • Fabric scraps, rik rack, ribbon or whatever else you have to hand
  • Scissors, Sellotape, yarn or thread and a needle
  • Circle of felt (if you'd like to finish off the back).

Start by cutting pieces of yarn and ribbon roughly to size (don't cut them too short as you'll need extra to wrap around and pull tight) to form the warp (vertical threads). Once you're happy, separate the two pieces of the hoop and lay the inner ring on a piece of scrap paper.

Tape the warp threads down so that they're tight (yes, I know the ribbon isn't!).

Then push the outer ring of the hoop down over the threads continuing to tighten them as you go - make sure this is as tight as you get it. You can then remove it from the paper (but keep the Sellotape in place to hold the ends together - this makes it easier later on.

Then select your weft (horizontal) pieces and cut them to size.

Attaching a safety pin to the end of each piece, start weaving (the safety pin makes this a lot quicker and easier to do).

Once you've finished weaving, flip the hoop over and stitch the warp pieces together from top to bottom (again, do this as tightly as you can) - this is where the Sellotape comes in handy as it holds them all together.  Then remove the outer ring of the hoop (carefully).

Check that you're happy with the arrangement, then replace the outer hoop, but on the front side.

Pull the weft pieces tight and, again, check the arrangement. Then flip over and stitch these pieces together as well.

And it's done! You may want to finish of the back nicely with some felt (especially if you plan to give the hoop as a gift) - see the end of my earlier tutorial here for instructions.

There are so many variations on this. I just used materials I had in my stash and a 6 inch embroidery hoop, but you could make this using any size hoop and don't have to restrict yourself to textiles - try plastic or paper for a very different effect. Alternatively you could just weave with yarn or much thinner strips of fabric. 

If you have any other ideas please add them below!