Made By Mrs M

Asking for Feedback


I'd like to say thank you again to everyone who completed my recent survey. I was a little nervous (what if everyone tells me my products are rubbish?) but I needn't have been. The feedback was constructive and helpful (and many comments really made me smile!). Here's a little rundown of my findings, and what I'm planning to do now I have this information!

Most people had originally found me through Twitter and had visited at least one of my stores (either Folksy or Etsy). However the vast majority hadn't bought anything as they were just browsing. A couple of people said that they like my designs but aren't interested in any of the products I currently have on offer.

I was very happy, however, that 100% of the survey respondents said that they are likely to buy in future or recommend to a friend. 

We then arrived at the great survey brainstorm (or thought shower, if you wish)! So, you haven't bought anything (or maybe you have), what do you want to see? The most popular items requested were:

  • Lampshades 
  • Bags (all sorts, but totes came out top)
  • Purses/wallets
  • iPad/Kindle/tablet covers
  • Notebooks.

I'm already in the process of introducing notebooks (the samples went down a storm!) and lampshades are also (hopefully) in the pipeline, although these will almost certainly be made to order. The other items are now on the list for my own brainstorming sessions!

Other stationery items were also mentioned, so I'm trialling greetings cards too....

Also on the list were: Other kits (possibly clothing up cycling, so involving covered buttons perhaps?), table settings, mugs, tea towels, wall art, pencil cases, scarves, and cushions - but I already do cushions! See below (from my Folksy store).

Lots of people also told me to keep doing what I'm doing now and continue to add new fabric designs on a regular basis - I have every intention of doing that (and have some which are due to be launched soon). 

One question I really needed an answer to was whether I should keep both shops open or consolidate to one. 50% said keep as it is and 50% said move everything to Etsy. So I'm none the wiser! Things may stay as they are for the time being, although my Etsy shop does get a lot more organic traffic....

Finally I asked about discounts. Generally I don't tend to see more sales when I offer them, but there were some really good suggestions, and I'm looking into every one of them. Some discounts were suggested several times, but I already do them! They were:

  • Repeat customer vouchers - I already do this on Etsy
  • Free postage - I offer free UK postage in both my Folksy and Etsy stores (all the time)
  • Percentage discounts - I run these from time to time (and all mailing list subscribers get 10% off in my Etsy shop - sign up on the right if you haven't already!).

Thanks again to everyone who helped me to gather this information, I've already made a few changes. Keep an eye out for new products and more over the coming months.  

Do you agree with my survey findings, or do you have anything to add? Please comment below!