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Push Stitchery


It's taken me a few months to get around to sharing this brilliant book with you. I bought it from Mr X Stitch (a.k.a. Jamie Chalmers) when I met him at the Spring Knitting & Stitching Show back in March.

Push Stitchery is a curated collection of works by 30 artists using stitching as their medium. I was already aware of a number of the artists in this book (and have spoken about them before - several have spreads in Indie Craft, which I reviewed last year) but there were lots who were new to me, and really inspiring. Here are a few of my (new) favourites:

OK, not really new to me... the above work is by Charlene Mullen, whose cushions I have seen a few times, most recently at Made in Clerkenwell.

And Gillian Bates isn't new to me either. I discovered Gillian's work shortly after I joined twitter, and I've featured her in favourites lists and gift idea posts in the past. 

Alicia Ross is new to me though, and her work is a little edgier. I love this cushion.

As is Andrea Vander Kooij. I really like her use of reclaimed materials. 

Jimmy McBride's quilts are amazing and I'm now itching to have another go at hand quilting (maybe just a little picture this time....).

These are just five of the artists featured, and there's something for everyone in this book, whatever your stitching related taste may be!