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I've finally managed to do some sewing for myself over the past few months. I've already shared my Tilly & The Buttons Coco dress (and I really am still intending to make another one...), but here are a few other highlights.

First we have a little top. My Twitter and Instagram followers may recall the yellow 1950's fabric which my Mum brought for me a couple of months ago - it was too small to make anything with, but I really wanted to wear it. So I was creative and made this little top using some white poly-cotton I already had. Pretty sure this is going to be hand wash only (white top, small child, the perfect combination), but anyway....

I made a facing for the top (another first since college!) and it didn't go too badly - not as smooth as I'd like though, on the back in particular. I then aded a couple of tucks on the front seam to add some fullness (I don't do tight clothes!) and little side splits finished at the top with a pair of white buttons. I think it looks pretty and I'm pleased.

Behind it in the first image is my new Clothkits skirt. I use the word "new" with some artistic licence as I actually bought the kit nearly 2 years ago, and have only just got around to making it. It's a bustle skirt. You can find a similar kit here.

This one wasn't actually as simple as I'd hoped, and I somehow managed to make it a bit big so it sits right down on my hips. I think I'll need to make a couple of small alterations before I start wearing it. 

What really attracted me to the kit was the combination of the beautiful Japanese fabric and Liberty print lining (and the fact that the lining shows!). The instructions suggested leaving the hem unfinished and I'm still not sure about this - hemming it may be one of the alterations (I have of course hemmed the lining). If you like the Japanese fabric, Clothkits have quite a selection here.

The leftover Liberty print fabric went into my final project - my second quilt!

Long term readers will recall my first attempt at quilting (otherwise known as the Quilt of Doom) - this one was much easier as I machine pieced and quilted it, and it took very little time. The finish is much better this time too, but there is still room for improvement (so I'm already thinking about my third quilt!).