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Visible Mending Exhibition - On Tour!


The visible mending exhibition which I touched on briefly here, has been making it's way around the country, and will be on display at the Jo Aylwin Studio & Gallery in Farnham from 17 - 26 July. 

The exhibition is a self-funded, social media project which has been driven by social artist Carol Parker. It has the aim of connecting communities through the traditional craft of darning and the contemporary craft of visible mending. 

I have listed the contributors to date at the end of this post - the images shown here are all from the National Centre of Craft & Design at the end of May (and were taken by Amylee Handmade).

There's still time to join in with the exhibition, visit Carol's blog for more details. Other images of the touring exhibition can be seen on it's Pinterest board Contributors so far: Kay Stevens (Northumberland), Carole Miles (Northants), Anna (Sweden), Cassandra Harrison (Berwick on Tweed), Rosie Moore (West Sussex), Jeni Atkinson (Lincolnshire), Jane Pullan, Enid Lechie, Helen Porter and Particia Ward of Unique Cottage Studios Textile Group (Lincolnshire), Fiona Gurney (Lincolnshire), Gillian Wing (Lincolnshire), Suu Wernham (Lincolnshire), Anonymous (Yorkshire), Carol Parker (Lincolnshire), Lorena Hodgson (Lincolnshire) and yours truly.