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100 Happy Days


If you follow me on twitter, or saw my Things Worth Celebrating post back in February, you will know that I recently took part in the 100 Happy Days challenge. The challenge involved identifying (and photographing) something that made me happy each day.

I actually found the challenge surprisingly easy - although some days were of course easier than others. I also managed to do one day twice (no idea which) so ended up with 101 - I was then tempted to just carry on with it for the rest of the year, but I'd like to try something new!

In this post you can see all 100 (or my first 100!) images. There are some themes - it seems that flowers, cakes and music rank highly when it comes to the things that make me happy - so I must ensure I get more of all three!

The challenge is still running and there are a lot of people taking part, just search for #100happydays on Twitter or Instagram to see everyone else's images. You can find out more about the challenge here.