Made By Mrs M

National Centre for Craft & Design


I first visited the National Centre for Craft and Design in Sleaford just after I started this blog (about two and half years ago) - I returned on a very damp day a couple of weeks ago, primarily to see two of their current exhibitions - Ruth Singer and Black Sheep: The Darker Side of Felt.

Black Sheep (which actually closed a few days after I visited) contained an amazing array of sculptural works in felt - really inspiring (I haven't tried felting since I was at college) and much loved by the small boy.

I understand that Black Sheep is due to go on tour - they have a blog here.

In the main gallery you can find Real to Reel: Film as Material in Making - the exhibition showcases makers who work with film as a complement to their work and many different media are represented. 

The stairs have been taken over by Ruth Singer. The centre's Window Collection provides artists with an opportunity to curate the space alongside the exhibition team, and to show items from their personal collections alongside their work. Ruth's pieces are both beautiful and fascinating. You can see Ruth's work here.

Real to Reel and Ruth Singer's Window Collection both run until 13 July. Entry to the National Centre for Craft & Design is free. 

Excitingly my embroidered postcard (and all of the others in the Visible Mending Exhibition) will be on display at the Centre this Saturday 24 May as part of their Keep Calm and Carry Yarn event