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Life Drawing Part II


I completed my short life drawing course a couple of weeks ago. It was very short (only 5 weeks) and we all felt we could've used longer. I really enjoyed it though (always good to have an opportunity to draw and paint with others) and I tried out a new painting technique I hadn't used before. I'm eager to have another go and will hopefully get to try something else later in the year. 

Anyway, as promised (and as you were so kind last time!) I'm going to share my progress with you....

The image above is just a bit of skin colour mixing practice - I didn't want to waste time in the class trying to get this right - I quite like the way it looks though!

You can see my drawing from the first week on my earlier post here. Unfortunately in the second week we were without a model, so we had the pleasure of drawing Malcolm:

The stuff of nightmares for some perhaps! He certainly was from a drawing point of view though, and I really wasn't happy with what I produced.

In week 3, our model returned. I started with a pencil drawing and then added grey tones in acrylics. This is the start of the new technique (for me at least!).

Again not that happy with this - but trying to keep an open mind as there were 2 more weeks to go.

In week 4, I started to add colour, and this is where I felt it really went wrong. Initially I was pleased (I liked the way you can see her leg through the semi transparent trousers)...

But then as I added more colour it seemed to go a bit awry (I was assured that I'd be able to "bring it back" the following week).

Hmm. So I went into the 5th and final session a little unsure as to what I'd come away with. Here's the final picture (which could use more work but as it was the last day, it'll be staying like this!).

This is supposed to be in the style of Matisse (the bright colours are, not so sure about the rest!). I am actually reasonably pleased with it as a first attempt in so many years, and I think I'd benefit from another course. I could do with getting some practice in but not sure where I'll find a willing model!

We also did some quick drawings and were encouraged to copy some images the tutor provided as homework each week to help us along. Here are some of my better efforts.

My 5 week life drawing class was held at my local adult education college in Sutton - you can find similar courses across the country.