Made By Mrs M

Spoonflower Contests


It was probably about this time last year that I decided I need to enter more competitions. That plan fell by the wayside somewhat and I've only really started again now.

The weekly Spoonflower contests are a great way to practice working to a brief and get yourself out of your comfort zone. Some of them I really struggle with and I fail to see how I could possibly come up with anything (sure I could given enough time) but I've now resolved to enter as many as I can. 

I've entered three this month. The first had the theme Bedtime and it came with a restricted colour palette. Here's my entry, Clouds.

The second, I took a little more literally - the theme was Whales (and my entry is imaginatively entitled Whales!). Also had a restricted colour palette though and that's what drew me to it. Colours I wouldn't usually use here too.

The final one is called Orange Lilies (theme was Lilies - being imaginative again). 

Creating these patterns got my creative juices flowing and I went on to design a whole batch of patterns which may or may not form the basis of a new collection, which is rather exciting.