Made By Mrs M

Hannah Höch


Somehow, after so many years in London, I managed to visit the Whitechapel Gallery for the first time last week. Not really sure how I'd missed it (although it did take me years to get around to visiting the Fashion & Textile Museum which is ridiculous!). 

Mr M had the week off so I took him up to Whitechapel to see the Hannah Höch exhibition which I'd been trying to visit for about a month. 

Hannah Höch was a member of the Dada movement in Berlin in the 1920's and she was instrumental in the development of collage in the 20th Century. The exhibition is arranged chronologically and follows the development from her early works in the 1910s to her final pieces made shortly before her death in 1978. 

It's one of those exhibitions that I struggled to tear myself away from and I'd love to go back and see it again before it closes - hugely inspiring whether you work with collage or not, and I noticed a number of pieces featuring some of my favourite brutalist architecture, as well as her better known works featuring female bodies altered with masks or other objects. 

Once again, I failed to take any photographs in the exhibition (pretty sure we weren't allowed to in any event) so all I have to share with you here are the three postcards I bought in the shop! Mr M was delighted that the catalogue had sold out as I would've really struggled to leave without one had they been in stock! 

Highly recommended, but you don't have long to go and see it! Hannah Höch runs at the Whitechapel Gallery until 23 March.