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Life Drawing


Feeling brave today! Putting this post together has reminded me how nervous I was about sharing anything when I first started this blog - so worried that everyone would think that my work is rubbish. Now I'm so brave that I'll even share my life drawing experiments with you! Goes to show a person can change....

I think it was around about 19 years ago (there or thereabouts) that I last took a life drawing class as part of my course at college. For me it was one of the hardest elements of the course and I didn't enjoy it all that much. I also wasn't terribly impressed with the results. Here are some of the better ones circa 1995(ish):

Fast forward to the beginning of last month, and I spotted a local life drawing class which was due to start three weeks later at a time I could do. So I went for it. I figure that if you can draw people and/or animals you can draw pretty much anything, and I'm always keen to improve my drawing! As I said, I'm a little braver nowadays, so the thought of sitting in a room with a group of people who are much better than me is no longer something I worry about. 

I didn't need to worry, it's a lovely small group and I was fairly pleased with my first attempt. Planning to experiment with some different materials and maybe paint over the coming weeks. It's a five week course and I'm already wishing it was longer!

So, here's attempt number one (please be nice - if you are I'll share the rest at the end of the course!).

Not happy with the arms or hands (and as you can see I didn't really attempt the feet properly - would've done if I'd had more time). I set myself homework to practice hands and feet - let's see!

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