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Things Worth Celebrating


I came across the Things Worth Celebrating blog tour last week and realised that we have a bit of a theme running at the moment. People are trying much harder to appreciate the little things in life and find moments of happiness in the every day. This doesn't mean that we have to try and be happy all the time (which is impossible, sorry - I'm aiming for contentment), it's just a case of making sure you spot and take note of the good stuff which is often so easy to miss on a bad day and when you're really busy.

The blog tour has coincided with 100 Happy Days, which I am also taking part in - and is a perfect match.  100 Happy Days is just a lovely idea - you submit a picture of something that made you happy every day for 100 consecutive days. It may end up being the glass of wine at 10pm after an awful day at work, but if it made you happy, it counts - the challenge is to notice these things, and having to take a photo makes you think about it. 

So, for my part of the Things Worth Celebrating blog tour I am sharing the first 12 days of my 100 Happy Days journey! Here are days 1-9:

Day 1 - A lovely, bracing walk on Epsom Downs with my boys, Day 2 - Daffodils!, Day 3 - My knitting (and finally making it past row 150 and changing colour), Day 4 - A new painting, Day 5 - Lunch with my best friend, Day 6 - Lunchtime pancakes with the small man, Day 7 - Delivering my work for my new exhibition, Day 8 - Book shopping with my little man, Day 9 - One of the brightest rainbows I've ever seen.

Days 10-12:

Day 10 - Sketchbook fun, Day 11 - Finally getting my sewing machine out for the first time this year, Day 12 - Beautiful sunny morning in my studio. 

12 things which are well worth celebrating I think! I still have 88 days to go to complete my challenge - you can join in at any time via the 100 Happy Days website - keep an eye out for my daily photos on twitter by following #100happydays.

The Things Worth Celebrating blog tour takes place on Thursday, 27 February over on the Petit Cadeau Blog - do go over and have a look to see what everyone else is celebrating this month!

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