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Valentine Stamp Tutorial


This month I'm sharing my tutorial with you early so you have plenty of time to make something by the 14th. It's also a little different as I worked on this one with my lovely 3 year old studio assistant! 

I first stumbled upon this really easy stamp making technique on Pinterest (and it can of course be used for all manner of things, not just Valentines!), but unfortunately I can't find the original pin to share with you (I thought I'd pinned it somewhere, but clearly not - here's something interesting with foam/polystyrene tiles though, which is a similar concept). Anyway, it goes something like this.....

The hardest part of this little project (for me at least) was sourcing polystyrene plates - I found mine in a local pound shop. You will need the following to make the stamp:
  • Small polystyrene plate (one per stamp - although this depends upon the size of your stamp and the size of the plate)
  • Thick card
  • PVA glue
  • Small piece of paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors.

1. Fold the paper in half and draw one side of a heart shape, then cut this out to make your template.

2. Place the template in the centre of the polystyrene plate and draw around it with your pencil, then cut this out too.

3. Cut a piece of card which is a little bigger than your shape, then stick the shape onto the card with lots of PVA glue.

4. Wait for it to dry completely. You'll see from the image below that I made one plain heart and one with a little patten on. I just made the pattern by pushing the shapes into it using a crochet hook - a pencil will work just as well, just don't push too hard or you'll fracture the polystyrene and have to start again....

Now the next bit is the fun (and messy, if you're doing this with a small child) bit!

5. Get stamping! I chose to use the painting it on then stamping technique so as to make clean(ish) prints - how you do this really depends upon the look you want, and what your little one will let you do of course. We had fun though and made Valentines cards for Daddy and some bunting to decorate the living room.

As I mentioned, you can use this stamp making technique for all sorts of things. Here's a little bit of something I made when I first had a play with it last year:

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