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Knitting by Design


As many of you will know, I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to knitting. Now this causes me problems as my skill level doesn't even come close to matching my ambition (and I have very little patience). I find it hard to follow any kind of a pattern without adding my own embellishments, but finally I think I've found the answer!

I asked for this book for Christmas, having seen it on Twitter, and it turned out to be perfect for me. Knitting by Design contains a really good selection of very simple knitting patterns - which you are encouraged to alter in order to make them your own. At present my skill level is at the just about managing to follow these basic patterns stage, but it can only get better (if I manage to practice!).

The 15 patterns in the book become increasingly difficult (and of course the one I'm desperate to make is the last one....) and if you're feeling that way inclined you can work your way through it. The design inspiration pages are just wonderful and really get you thinking. 

I'd like to have a go at most of the projects in the book but the mittens and cowl look nice and simple - I may be up to managing the vest in time for the summer.  

This is what I really want to have a go at though, I just adore the sleeves and the seed stitch (which I'll need to learn - I'm assuming it's similar to moss stitch).

I also rather like this cardi (and I love the colours used here), but Mr M tells me I already have too many....

The arrival of this book was rather timely, as I'd been sitting on my Mollie Makes tunic for a couple of months, planning to add sleeves. On Christmas day, having had a little flick through this, I got started on them. I completed it last week - and here it is!

I'm really pleased with it. The finish is far from perfect, but it's only for me and I'll get better with practice. If I think about where I was with my knitting at this time last year, this is quite a feat. Hopefully I'll be able to wow you with something really impressive next year, thanks to my new book!

Knitting by Design is written by Emma Robertson and published by Chronicle Books

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